Rama Electric Reference Laboratory

Product Safety and Performance Testing Services

Application testing

For any request, simply send an email detailing your requirements at rama@ramaelectric.com.

Reference Laboratory :

The Range of Rama Electric products consist of: types of ballasts for fluorescent and compact, mercury vapor, sodium vapor and metal halide discharge lamps and transformers for tungsten-halogen lamps with different powers.


Address : RAMA ELECTRIC Co. ballast test laboratory,

Next to Passport Office, Basij Blvd., Khatam-al-anbia Blvd., Urmia, Iran.

Tel: +98 44 3278 0009   &   +98 44 3277 5236

Fax: +98 44 3277 3380

Accerditation Scope of Rama Electric Laboratoary:

General and safety tests consist of:


Test Titele

Product Name


ISIRI: 7644-2-8

IEC: 61347-2-8

Safety requirements

Ballast for flurescent Lamps


ISIRI 10759

Technical specifications and test method for energy labeling instruction

ISIRI: 700-2

IEC: 60921

Performance requierments Ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps 2

INSO: 7644-2-9

IEC: 61347-2-9

Safety requirements 

Electromagnetic controlgear for discharge lamps

(excuding fluorescents lamps)


INSO: 7644-2-13

IEC: 61347-2-13

Safety requirements

DC or AC supplied electronic controlgear for LED modules


INSO: 16075

IEC: 62384

Performance requierments

INSO: 6195

IEC: 60929

Performance requierments AC and/or DC supplied electronic controlgear for tubular fluorescent lamps  5

INSO: 7644-1

IEC: 61347-1

General and Safety requirements Lamp controlgear 6

INSO: 7644-2-1

IEC: 61347-2-1

Safety requirements

Starting devices

(other than glow starters)


INSO: 3782

IEC: 60927

Performance requierments