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Reference Laboratory

Introduce :

In 2005, in order to accredit the results of tests, to perform laboratory services and to approach the accreditation certificate based on ISO/IEC 17025, the management decided to establish the.


You can see the17025 certificate for Rama Parsian Laboratory Here


Scope of inclusion and services provided by the laboratory :

General and safety tests and also performance tests on inductive ballasts for different types of discharge lamps with low or high pressure gas lamps such as: compact, fluorescent, mercury vapor, sodium vapor and metal halide and also transformers for tungsten-halogen lamps according to related factory, national or international standards. Moreover, identifying the Label of Energy for inductive fluorescent ballasts.


Address Laboratory :

Rama Electric Company, next to Passport Office, Basij Blvd, Khatam-al-anbia Blvd, Orumia, IranRama Electric CO